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Quite often the difference between life and death can be the simplest things. All that is needed to see them is a fresh, new perspective. We can help you with that! Consulting services are available on a sliding scale depending on your organization's size and needs. Whether you simply want a creative approach to marketing a special pet or you want help bringing about a new culture across your organization, we can help. It is our belief that in every organization there are things that are working well and things that can be improved. Contact us to learn more. Or, start the process by completing a Consulting Request Form.

General Consulting Services


Have a tough problem you don't quite know how to handle? Feeling a need for a bit of inspiration in a program that is not performing to its potential? No worries! We are here to help, with phone, online or on-site consulting in time-chunks as short as 15 minutes. These consulting services include (but are not limited to):

  • Review, editing and writing of standard operating protocols for achieving No Kill, or sustaining it more effectively.

  • Team-building workshops to develop and maintain connected work groups.

  • Conflict resolution sessions to help minimize stress between different organizations or within a single organization.

  • Review, editing and assistance writing animal-related ordinances and statutes.

  • Hands-on board, staff or volunteer training regarding any or all of the 11 programs or services of the No Kill Equation.

  • Presenting town halls or community forums to help engage people in No Kill efforts.

  • Media communications relating to new or ongoing No Kill efforts.

  • Web site/social media review, development and maintenance.

  • Technology solutions for shelters and rescue organizations.


Program, Shelter and Community Assessments


Our step-by-step process makes the assessment process easy so you can objectively evaluate what is working now, and what will be needed in for the future in a specific program, in your whole organization or across your entire community.


In organizational development terms, our assessments would best be described as a 360 degree feedback process, in which input is collected from people all around the program, organization or community. For example, our Shelter Assessment begins with a structured self-assessment of the organization conducted by the Director or CEO, followed by an on-site assessment from one of our consultants. During these first two steps, additional evaluators from the organization will be identified and their assessment kits will then be emailed to them.


Once the feedback has been collected it is merged together into a final report, complete with recommendations for the future.


Following the delivery of the final report, we are available to provide coaching/support services as needed at our reasonable agreed-to hourly rate.



Complete a confidential assessment of your community, incumbent leadership or job candidate. Help uncover what is working well and what can be improved in the future. These tools are available for your use for free. If, however, you would like No Kill Learning to facilitate your assessment, the fees are listed below. Links to assessment tools are below:


Community Assessment

Use this tool to gather information from community stakeholders about the state of animal sheltering and rescue in your community. This tool is best used if assessments are conducted by multiple stakeholders within the community with different backgrounds and experiences. Designate a member of your community to collect and compile the results of the assessment and use of the Community Assessment tool is FREE. If you would prefer, No Kill Learning can facilitate the process for you, compile the responses and deliver the results in a printed report and live video/phone conference. Cost for the facilitated version of the assessment is $395.


Incumbent Leadership Assessment

The Incumbent Leadership Assessment can be used as part of a formal or informal performance review process. It is best used when assessments are completed by multiple persons with different relationships to the incumbent, including the incumbent him or her self, his or her supervisor, and multiple other community stakeholders. Designate an internal HR resource to facilitate, collect and compile the feedback and then prepare a final report. If you would prefer, No Kill Learning can facilitate the process for you, compile the responses and deliver the results in a printed report including how to generate a development plan to fix areas of challenge. Cost for the facilitated version of the assessment is $395.


Candidate Leadership Assessment

Interested in running a shelter and want to know if it might be a fit for you? Hiring a new shelter director and want to see how the top candidates stack up in terms of the most important leadership skills? Then this is the tool for you. Simply designate a facilitator to collect and compile the feedback, follow the instructions in the Assessment Guide below, and you are on your way. If you would prefer, No Kill Learning can facilitate the process for you, compile the responses and deliver the results in a printed report Cost for the facilitated version of the assessment is $395 per candidate.


Want more information on using our online assessment tools, download our free assessment guide.


To learn more about the assessment process, fill out a consulting request form (no obligation) to start the discusison.



Consulting Rates


Consulting services are available via video conference, phone or on-site consulting at a rate of $100 per hour, billed at 15 minute intervals. Pre-approved expenses, such as travel and needed materials, are payable on receipt of invoices. Monthly retainer rates are also available. Complete a non-binding Consulting Request Form to get the process started. Otherwise, call No Kill Learning Toll-free at (877) 799-9951. Press option 1.

Experience Summary

Download Mike Fry's experience summary here.


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