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About the Class


Leadership is one of the most important aspects of achieving and sustaining No Kill. With effective leadership, practically anything is possible. Without it, almost nothing is. At the same time, identifying and developing effective leaders is one of the most difficult tasks for shelters and rescue organizations.


Furthermore, the number of leadership competencies needed in a shelter or rescue is nearly impossible for a single person to posess. Considering all of that, what is a shelter or rescue to do if they want to develop more effective leadership for now and into the future? Or, for that matter, what is a No Kill advocate who wants to be more effective at leading their community to No Kill to do? One possible answer is to attend this 9-week class, that is developed based on decades of leadership development experience, and which focuses on research into the specific leadership skills needed in animal shelters and rescues.


Reseearch into leadership development says, in fact, that you cannot learn leadership skills in a class room, or by reading a book. You need to learn them through actual life experiences. This course is set up to provide those experiences.


Need to get better at communicating with the press? If you do, you will get an opportunity to practice with your local media, be it on-camera or off, as part of this class.


Need to navigate some challenging ethical terrain? Brush up on your skills with hands-on practical experience during this class, and with the support of others who are doing the same work.


This class is intended for people who are currently in management or executive positions in animal shelters or rescues, or those wanting to take management or leadership positions in animal shelters or rescues, including shelter mangement, executive directorships, or board positions.


Due to the nature of the class, class size is very limited. So book early if you hope to attend. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


For more information on Leadership in animal shelters and rescues, check out our Leadership Page. You can also watch our leadership webinar below.






Begins Saturday, April 8, 2016 and meets Saturdays at 3PM Central Time for 9 consecutive weeks. Each class lasts 1.5 hours and is held online via interactive video conference. Most of the course work takes place during the week.


Course Content:

Each of the 9 class lasts 1.5 hours and is held online via interactive video conference. A high speed Internet connectoin is required and a web cam is preferred.


Classes can be attended via computer or mobile devices, like tablets and cell phones.


Most of the course work takes place during the week, outside of the weekly scheduled classes.


Cost: $395 and includes a personal leadership assessment worth $395.

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