Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Destruction Records

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Dog and cat euthanasia records for animals euthanized during the calendar years 2017 and 2018. These records were obtained via open records request and were complied into online form by No Kill Learning. It is available for public use and may be downloaded and shared but not modified. Only dog and cat records were provided. Destruction of other species did occur, however information about other species was not provided. Click on an animals ID in order to view that animals complete record, then use your browsers "Back" button to return to this page.

This data set consists of 1,152 animal records made up of 644 cats and 502 dogs. The average length of stay for these animals was 6.6 days (4.6 days for cats and 9.2 days for dogs). The state-required hold period for stray animals in Minnesota is 5 business days. The madatory hold period for abandoned animals in Minnesota is 10 days.

A detailed assessment of these records in the pdf file above.

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