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Presented by No Kill Learning and the inaugural graduating Growing Leadership class.


Watch it in the video player below:

Live Q & A - Call, toll-free (877) 799-9951. Press Option 1

Robert Cabral, author and Founder of Bound Angels


Karen Duran, Arizona animal advocate


Kelly Jedlicki, Executive Director of Kentucky Pets Alive


Gina Knepp, Animal Care Services Manager, City of Sacramento


Peter Masloch, Allegany County Animal Shelter


Beth Nelson, Former Producer & Co-Host of Animal Wise Radio


Suzi Springsteen-Marks, Front Street Animal Shelter, City of Sacramento


Opening Remarks/Introduction by Mike Fry Founder of No Kill Learning


Expanding the Safety Net by Kelly Jedlicki

In addition to being the Executive Director of Kentucky Pets Alive, Kelly's professional career involves providing hospice care to pediatric human patients. Her work with sick and dying young humans has given her a unique perspective about which pets in animal shelters are truly savable. As a result, Kentucky Pets Alive is saving animals that would certainly otherwise be lost in the sheltering system.


Behavior Assessments in a Shelter Environment with Peter Masloch and Robert Cabral

One of the ways shelters determine who lives or dies is by conducting so-called "temperament tests." How accurate are these tests? And is the "SAFER Test" really safer? Peter Masloch will interview Robert Cabral, author and founder of Bound Angels about this important topic.


Maricopa County - A Case Study in Failed Leadership by Beth Nelson & Mike Fry

Since at least 2000, Maricopa County has suffered from a string of failed leaders that has resulted in the squandering of millions of dollars of grant money, loss of credibility with residents there and a deminished reputation in the national animal sheltering movement, not to mention the countless animals that have been lost as a result. We will explore this long and rocky history. Most importantly, they will share what we can learn from it so other communities do not make the same mistakes, and some super-exciting news out of Minnesota. Think Austin is the largest No Kill Community in the USA? You might be wrong, just sayin'.


A Revolution In Progress

Suzi Springsteen-Marks has been fortunate to have had a front-row seat to the dramatic changes that have been underway at Front Street Animal Shelter, the municipal shelter in the City of Sacramento, California. Not long ago, the shelter had a save rate of about 30%. Now, thanks to new programs and leadership, they are saving about 250% more animals than before. She will share what is working and which animals they still struggle to save. She will also discuss transparency in statistics reporting and how it is often lacking when shelters use so-called "standard" methods for computing save rates.


Thinking Outside the Box When Selecting Shelter Leaders

Animal shelters frequently use the wrong criteria for selecting leaders. Karen Duran will interview experts on shelter leadership to get insight into new more successful approaches for hiring.

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