Low-Cost Phone Help

Without a doubt, keeping pets is good for your family. Children who are raised with animals have been shown to grow up to be smarter, more empathetic and generally form healthier relationships later in life. Yet, keeping pets is not always easy! (Hint, maybe that is partly why children learn so much from having pets. Sometimes life's best lessons are the hardest to learn.)

This web site is dedicated to helping people and their pets work through the normal trials and tribulations that come from being different species living together. The Online resources are available for free. If you need additional assistance, we are just a phone call away, with consultation fees beginning as low as $25. Just call toll-free (877) 799-9951 and select option 2. Use the payment link on the right side of this page to pay securely for your consultation. Consultations are recorded and an audio file of the consultation will be emailed to you when it is completed, to make sure you don't miss a thing.

If you are thinking of bringing your beloved family member to an animal shelter, as a result of challenges you are experiencing, be sure to call us first. We may be able to help you.

Initial consultation is free to determine whether or not we may be able to help. There is no risk in calling (877) 799-9951 Select option 2.