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  • Mike Fry

No Kill Update

There is a lot going on at No Kill Learning, and the No Kill Movement in general that I thought I would provide this overview of some of what’s happening.

No Kill Spreading

More cities and counties are moving toward No Kill, including Atlanta and Chicago. In Chicago, two City Aldermen have introduced a resolution to bring the City shelter to No Kill status. They say they want to follow the example set in Atlanta, where the Fulton County shelter recently announced it has been No Kill since November. If Fulton County maintains this status for a full year, they will officially become one of the largest No Kill communities in the USA.

New Leaders Coming Soon

Speaking of Chicago, the City there is in the process of replacing the former head of Animal Control. Same goes for Maricopa County, AZ. They are among a growing list of municipalities looking to implement real No Kill solutions. A growing list of animal shelters are looking toward No Kill futures and are putting new leaders in place to help them get there.

First Class Graduated

Closer to my home-turf: the inaugural Growing Leadership class recently graduated. As their final class project, they presented a 2 hour, online event called PathFinder 2016. That happened on Saturday. We had a great turnout for the live event, and more people continue to watch it on-demand today. In spite of some technical challenges (like when, right at the opening, the “camera” got stuck on speaker Kelly Jedlicki) the event was well-received and feedback has been very positive.

Enrollment for the next Growing Leadership Class is now in progress. There is still some room. If you would like a chance to flex your leadership muscles, or maybe even find some leadership skills you didn’t know you had, check the class out here.

New: Online Learning Events

The PathFinder event was the first of a series of online live learning opportunities No Kill Learning plans to make public in the very near future. We are really excited about the technology and the opportunity it offers to help spread the No Kill message in new and interesting ways. Keep your eyes on No Kill Learning’s web site for information about future events that will be scheduled soon.

Safe House Program Launched. You Can Help.

On top of all of that, a new program called Safe House has been launched to create resources in neighborhoods to help reunite lost pets with their families. Safe House currently has a Go Fund Me effort set up to help buy universal microchip scanners for the first 10 safe houses. If you can chip in, we would sure appreciate it! Thanks in advance.


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