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Breaking News: No Kill Learning to Submit Proposal in Response to Pueblo, Colorado Animal Services R

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Minnesota-based No Kill Learning is announcing its intention to submit a formal proposal to the City and County of Pueblo, Colorado relating to the operation of the City's Animal Services. The planned proposal is in response to a request for proposals from the City and County. The contract with the current animal services provider expires at the end of December this year.

Pueblo Animal Services has been in the news a lot this year as a dedicated group of advocates have worked to put the dream of a No Kill animal control on the City's agenda. As a result of their efforts, the City passed a local ordinance requiring animal shelters maintain at least a 90% Live Release Rate (LRR). The law, however, does not go into effect until January of 2019, after the contract with the current provider expires.

No Kill Learning helps communities around the United States end the killing of healthy and treatable animals in their animal shelters and has twenty years of history that includes all aspects of animal shelter operations.

"This is a really exciting time for animal advocates in Pueblo," said Mike Fry, Founder and Senior Consultant for No Kill Learning. "After years of work and advocacy, their dream of a No Kill Pueblo could be on the verge of becoming a reality."

The Pueblo City animal shelter also accepts animals from all of Pueblo County. No Kill Learning's proposal with address the needs of both the City and County of Pueblo.

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