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For 2019, Resolve to Make Our Shelters the Best They Can Be

Each year, come December 31st, many of us pledge to make significant changes in the coming year to make life better. Some resolve to take up yoga or to quit smoking. As we ring in 2019, I am recommending that people who volunteer at, support or work in animal shelters commit to making their shelters the best they can be. As the video above clearly shows, doing that does not need to require piles of money. And, like other New Years resolutions, can make life better. But, more than a typical resolution, this one can make life better for countless animals and people.

Taking on this challenge requires us to rethink old, outdated ideas about what animal shelters are and what animal housing best practices should be. There is an added plus: it is a ton of fun and can unleash a storm of creativity. For my part, I resolve to continue helping you to make it happen. This video is the first in a series I will be producing throughout the year, all intended to help you to re-imagine what animal shelters can be. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and then like and follow No Kill Learning on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

With that said, Happy New Year to all who care for our companion animals! Lets all make 2019 the best year for them yet!

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