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Boots on the Ground - the Lake County No Kill Story Premiere Announced

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

On January 15, 2019, Lake County, Florida celebrated the 2 year anniversary of its transition to no kill. When they did, it was like switching on a light. On that day, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners took control of the open-admission animal control shelter and immediately, the killing of healthy and treatable animals stopped. As exciting as that is, the real story began five years before that day, when local advocates, inspired by two teen-aged sisters, set out to change their community forever. In an exciting new mini documentary from No Kill Learning the advocates with boots on the ground in Lake County - the people who made no kill happen there - tell the story of how it happened. It is a story for anyone with any interest in animal shelters including volunteers, donors, board members, staff and elected officials. Boots on the Ground - the Lake County No Kill Story will premiere LIVE on YouTube at 8: PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 23. You can watch it here.


Full Movie:

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