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  • Mike Fry

Exciting New Services 'Cuz We're Moving

Some people may have noticed that we have been a little quiet lately. That's because we have been getting ready for a big move and some new technology solutions.

Technically, No Kill Learning is not moving. We are, however, moving all of our back-office servers to new technologies that will give us more options and help us provide even more cutting-edge technical solutions (more on those later).

Because of the move the domain may be a bit unreliable of the next few days as the Internet domain servers replicate and all get in sync with the new operations. During this transition, No Kill learning's email services are also being changed. Email addresses will stay the same, but, there could be some delays in our getting email. If anyone has an urgent message they need to get to us, they can always use the backup email

The move was inspired by our desire to bring new functionality to our RescueSuite Software users. Most importantly: we will soon be able to offer a limited-use FREE version of RescueSuite to qualifying shelters and rescues who use Wix to host their websites. And, the best part, is that it will run natively on users web sites. In other words, users will be able to log into their own websites to access all of RescueSuites full set of shelter management software services. It also has an all new look and feel that you can see working over at Kentucky Pets Alive.

RescueSuite Software
RescueSuite integrates seamlessly into your website

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