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  • Mike Fry

It's Better to Live Rich than to Die Rich

Those who follow my work already know that it was 20 years ago that I set the goal of ending the killing of animals in my local shelters. They also know that it was not an easy road to getting here. But, we have, in fact, gotten here.

Looking back I can easily say that it took longer than I thought it should have. It seemed harder than it should have been and that the resistance there was to making things better for people and animals was really shocking to me. But, I can also say that the path I chose has made my life richer. I learned a LOT. I wouldn't do it any differently.

Along the way I have met remarkable, inspiring and amazing people who have brought much to my life. And, I have watched as the No Kill Movement has found its wings and taken flight. When I first began my advocacy work, there were zero No Kill communities in the USA, and I usually felt like I was standing and screaming in an empty and dark room. Today, there are hundreds of communities across the USA where all of the shelters are No Kill shelters.

And, so it is with a full heart and a great sense of pride that I can announce my retirement. I am delighted to know that the No Kill Movement is in the hands of compassionate and brilliant people like Aubrie Kavanaugh, Alan Rosenberg, Davyd Smith and countless others from coast to coast and north to south who are standing up and demanding reforms in their animal shelters. This web site, as well as most of my others, will remain "live" for some time, but will be inactive. Over the course of the next several months I will be migrating blog and other content from these sites over to the No Kill Movement website which is being managed by a group of dedicated No Kill advocates. The history and the content are important to preserve, I believe. I will keep my RescueSuite Software website live and will continue to help shelters and rescues with their technology need on a somewhat more limited basis.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who has followed and supported my work over the last 20 years. The list to thank is way too long to even begin. Your kindness, your generosity and your passion will remain with me forever.

Before I go, there is one final project I have to finish: the third and last in my Boots on the Ground mini documentary series. This one will mean something extra special to me, because it is the story of my own community's path to No Kill. You can learn more about and support that film here. I believe it will inspire other communities to end the needless destruction of homeless pets in their shelters, too. I, therefore, very much look forward to sharing the film with you late spring of 2020. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Love, peace, light & namaste

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